In the name of YAH Most High, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Praised are you YAH Most High, Sovereign of the Universe.

Hear, O Israel: YAH our ELOHIYM is one ELOHIYM: And thou shalt love YAH OUR ELOHIYM
with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

Introduction   1
The TRUTH shall make you free   3
The Cost of Disobedience   8
The Ten Commandments 10
What is Love? 12
Love and Forgiveness 16
Deny yourself  18
The Importance of Obedience   20
F for FEAR Bible references  22
Yahshua will come with fire  27
Conclusion  29
2   Praise
4   Pagan Christianity: History in brief
9   The Importance of The Name  
11  For YAH so Love the world
15  If you Love Me Keep My Commandments
17  Back to Basics
19  Clean Foods / Is Law done away with?
21  Index: A B C Bible references
24  A Testimony
28  Disclaimer/Copyright
30  Contact
                                                                    “WAKE UP YISRAEL”
                                                                         What about the half ( That's never been told? )...

SECTION 2 Contents
&A Some Questions Answered...
Who are the TRUE JEWS (Hebrew Israelites)?     Is Hell real?    The 7th day Sabbath, should everyone observe it?
Is marriage ordained by YAH, or is it man invented?    Homosexuality: Nature? Nurture? Satanic?    and MUCH MORE!...